26 August 2013

Overdue Update and Pop Up News!

Hello, I have had an embarrassingly long break from the blog. I won't bore you to tears about why I've given the blog a wide birth (I don't even have a good excuse anyways!) and without going into length about my 'can't remember my blogger password' saga I can simply say all is good in little birdsville world and I finally have access to my blogger account! I have had an incredibly busy and productive year thus far working from the comfort of home, ah the luxury of working from home is THE BEST! I've also been very lucky to collaborate with some really admirable creatives this year, some projects yet to be revealed but I look forward to sharing soon. If you want to keep up to date with recent adventures check out my instagram feed, it is probably the main reason for my lengthy blog absence.

Next week I'm joining magical Pop Up forces with my good buddy Dawn Tan along with a group of creative friends for a two week long Pop Up event at MSG Gallery, Brighton. On Saturday 7 September we are celebrating a 'Pop Up Within A Pop Up' for one day only! We've invited some extra special guests along who'll be selling their special wares for your shopping pleasure, details to be announced. Come visit us!

Check out our Facebook event page for updates.

Pop Up Shop
2 - 14 September
MSG Gallery
126 Bay Street, Brighton Melbourne

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