09 October 2012

studio bits

Invested studio time is beginning to pay off. I have a few exciting projects in the pipeline and looking forward to sharing here. I was notified last week that I was accepted for Markit late November which I really, really enjoyed doing back in May. I have some new products that I've been working on that I'll drag along with me on Markit day! The reno is typically dragging on but we have a deadline set for completion on Melbourne Cup Day, actually the challenge is to be moved in, settled and cranking up the b.b.q by that stage, WHATEVER! In the meantime here's a couple of little projects I've been working on... the old plates gained a facelift with a new batch of brush tip Sharpies. So, so lovely to use on a high gloss surface and a super cheap way to add a bit of custom sparkle to your kitchen walls. 

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