06 November 2012

newbies and markit

It's Melbourne Cup day and we have miserably failed our challenge of moving into the new house, boring, boo, crappers. Not wanting to sound like a donald doubter but I new it was unrealistic to think we would be moved and settled by today. Looks like we need another 3 more weeks and then we'll be in. We have been seriously set back by crappy plastering issues but I wont bore you with detail. On the flip side I am exicedly gearing up for Markit at Federation Square on the 25th of Novemeber, it's going to be a ripper. I've just fired a batch of lovely heart pendants in the kiln and they are looking summery and shiny, ready to wear! I'll also have a few new surprises available closer to Markit day just in time for Christmas. Have you seen the new Markit flyer designed by the lovely Dawn Tan especially for this upcoming event?! She's even included one of my dove prints, so so special and I also spy some of my favs: Emily Green, Swiden and Victoria Mason, sweeeet petunias! Thanks Dawn xo

Sunday 25th Nov 2012, 10am–5pm 
The Atrium & BMW Edge Theatre, 
Federation Square Melbourne

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