28 February 2011

February has flown!

I can't believe how fast February has flown! Summer seems to be slowing down rapidly but we're still getting a few warmish days to justify icy pole licking prior to dinner, straight after and occasionally before bed plus there's still plenty of strutting about semi naked (the kids, not me!) With all the crazy universe upheaval you sure do appreciate the simple and slow things in life. Heavy hearted thoughts go out to our New Zealand neighbours. My mum celebrated her 74th birthday last week, she sure is a living legend. Last year mum battled cancer and put up with collapsed vocal cords (which have mysteriously re-inflated!) plus endured a smorgasbord or weird and not so wonderful health issues all whilst surviving on oxygen cylinders 24/7. Mum doesn't let much stand in her way, she still amazes us and independently gets about, she regularly meets me and the little girls for our weekly Malvern Central catch up. Life truly is very precious and fragile. It's been very exciting to witness Ada's development, she is currently in potty training mode and has us all in stitches with her day time undie antics and we are on constant high alert. We are happy to report that progress is good but we are very aware that she is a walking/running/climbing nappy free time bomb, let's just say she is a little 'hit and miss'. A couple of weeks ago we enjoyed the company of Missy who belongs to my pal Alice. We really miss not having Elsie around and loved bonding with Missy for 2 weeks. Wilhelmina and Missy were inseparable, we were sad to see Missy leave. Next month I have am having a little fleeting solo exhibition plus The Finders Keepermarket. Every spare minute has been devoted to both events, I feel I am sort of on track, only just! I finally got around to the time consuming task of updating my very stale website which is now clean and shiny, it's such a good feeling to get that one out of the way. Finally I must plug the beautiful The Design Files calendar which is an exclusive Lamington Drive edition. Unbelievably there is a small yet diminishing amount reduced to $15! This is a proper good calendar that needs to hang on your wall, if you've bought one already they are so damn cheap it's worth buying another for back up but from what I hear they are almost sold out. As of tomorrow I will excitedly turn the page to view Neryl Walker's March illustration which celebrates my neck of the woods. Happy pinch and a punch for tomorrow xox 

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