13 September 2010

Espadrilles, clowns and clever friends.

stranger danger
I recently received the most overwhelming and fantabulous parcel in the post, definitely every girls dream come true. The lovely Laura from Espadrilles Etc in Spain sent me not one but two pairs of authentic espadrilles as a thank you for featuring her shoes a little while back! I feel very spoilt indeed. The shoes are absolutely gorgeous and super girly, I can't wait for some warmer weather to paint my toes and show off my new kicks. Check out Laura's site for some real deal espadrille love. Big kisses to you Laura and thank you from here to all they way over there!

I'm so tardy at getting around to things at the moment and I think I'm only getting slower so I'm a little embarrassed that I'm a few weeks overdue sharing two awesome features from The Herald Sun Home mag. Firstly my good buddy Cookie, her brood and gorgeous home were featured as well as another creative pal Morgan Wills in the same issue no less. Cookie lives in the most amazing home which was formally the original Seddon Maternity Hospital, it is absolutely laden ripe with original Victorian features and pretty detail. The hallway has original pressed metal wall to ceiling panels and it comes complete with a mysterious cellar. My friend Cookie has the best taste ever! Lo and behold on the next double page was lovely Melbourne lass Morgan Wills amongst her gorgeous handmade bushka dolls and stunning collection of fabric. I know for a fact that mother of two Morgan hand sews all of her bushka's herself and the quality is exceptional and she's a damn fine lady too. Visit Morgan here to view her vibrant range of goodies and pop by her blog to say g'day.

Lately we've ventured down to the local family friendly Zagames for some Friday night thrills with the girls. I certainly wont brag about the meals, actually the food is really crappy but it's good entertainment to see the kids running amok on the festy indoor play equipment plus they throw in a clown for good measure, the kids are warming up to this idea but they have 'stranger danger' on the mind (see above pics). That's about the extent of our social life at the moment except for a family members 50's cocktail themed party next weekend. My lovely pals have generously loaned me their vintage 50's skirts, petticoats and other girly accessories to help get into the swing of things. Finally our little Ada is a much happier camper with her new fibre enriched diet going gangbusters. The girls and I plucked our first Spring crop of wild freesias yesterday. These resilient little fella's sprout every year without fail. They pop up sporadically on the lawn but unfortunately Karl usually gets to them first with the lawn mover before they hit full bloom. Luckily this year I saw them first and they smell incredible!


Lenareena said...

I love those shoes. Are they comfortable to walk in? I may just have to purchase some myself.

Madeleine Stamer said...

Hey Lenareena! They are SO comfy and well made. I've noticed that some of the womens shoes are on sale too. Find your size and click xo