03 July 2010

Hello Herald Sun!

Proof sheet images by Chris Groenhout 
A few months back I had the pleasure of welcoming the Herald Sun Home magazine crew to our house for a happy snap visit. It was also a good excuse to get the house in a respectable state, aesthetically and hygienically speaking! The effort required to clean the house and maintain a decent  standard of living for more than 5 minutes without the kids sabotaging every single room almost did us in. Not an easy or particularly pleasant task keeping two bored dynamo toddlers at bay for even 1 minute, in fact I really don't know how we managed, although a very long walk to the park certainly helped (Karl the champion!). The feature came out today so if you haven't bought a copy there is still time. Big shout out with thanks and appreciation to the lovely Home mag crew namely Lin Fong, Joanne Trzcinski and Chris Groenhout. Thanks for the awesome feature, great picks and lovely words. 
p.s  if you were wondering, the precious Bushka doll is handmade by local Melbourne gem Morgan Wills
p.p.s With muchos pride and determination I tried to feature and mention local artists/illustrators/designers as much as possible, I admit I strategically placed some of my beloved artist swaps and treasures to gain a prominent position! 


Morgan Wills said...

Hi Madeleine! I was away on the w/end and didn't see the H/Sun - but heard about it on the grapevine...your house is SO gorgeous and looks absolutely fantastic! Thanks so much for all the Mumma Bushka love. You are a gem - and one of these days I know we will collaborate! xoxoxo

Madeleine Stamer said...

I'm glad the bushka gained a prominant posie. Let's catch up soon and talk about our future collab together! xo

Anonymous said...

Hi Maddi, your place looks amazing...lots of warmth and inspiration. Sending lots of love to you all from Sydney. Love Georgia xx

Madeleine Stamer said...

Hey thanks Georgia, the same thing could be said about your lovely pad. Sending our love to Leela, Portia and the G man!