20 June 2010

Winter Strikes

Apologies for the winter hibernation. I haven't been tending to my blog for a wee while and I feel a little guilty. Strange but true I do love winter but everything seems so much harder when you have to contend with cold wet miserable days. The washing adds up, someone always seems to be sick, constant runny noses, bored house bound kids with cabin fever,  blah, blah, etc, etc so blog updates unfortunately go to the back of the line (hopefully a temporary glitch). Anyway life continues to be busy and there's been some exciting project possibilities on the horizon, I'll expand on that in due time meanwhile I like it when you discover something that makes your life that little bit easier such as Picasa, since installing the free software I've been blown away with how easy it is to manage all our images with added photo editing aceness, it's kinda like a lazy and uncomplicated version of photoshop. We have trillions of images on our mac and they are now all magically organized complete with face recognition (a neat little feature), even Karl's impressed. I highly recommend and thanks to all my buddies who eventually convinced me to install it.

We recently had a few art works framed by a champion friend of ours (thanks Asko!) I never thought we'd manage to get around to having them framed knowing how expensive it is. I had these gems waiting to be framed for what felt like an eternity. It's a good feeling to know the art work has been deservedly protected and finally on show, well almost, the wall space is the next issue. The Beci Orpin collage was a sweet little swap during our Three of a Kind show last year, the Mirka Mora was a bonus that Karl snared at work and the Rob Ryan screenprint was purchased online ages ago for a bargain via the If You Could site as part of their print series collaborations. In other good news the boys have released their paperback edition of Kingsway. Go Karl, Duro and Marty. I have 3 weeks holidays coming up, woo hoo time will be spent on making new work, I'm going to inject a mighty good dose of colour to brighten up the winter doldrums. Belated warm welcomes to baby Barney and baby Monty, hope you're both snuggled up good and proper in your new nests. Well done Cooky and Al.

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