08 May 2010

Family Portrait

Family Portrait 2007
Mum with all 10 grandkids, Wilhelmina on mums lap (pre Ada and cousin Lilka)
Family Portrait 2009
Mum with all 5 kids and our respective partners and the 12 grandkids
The Stamer Family Portrait Outtakes 2009
Happy Mothers day mum a.k.a Janny! My mum is an amazing person, she's frightfully talented, generous and resilient. My dear dad passed away 10 years ago yet mum has held it together and continued to celebrate his legacy everyday, they were the truest of lovebirds and an inspiration. My poor mum has battled health problems and deteriorating lungs for many, many years. You wouldn't pick it but she relies on oxygen 24/7 and has to carry around the clunkiest bloody oxygen cylinder you'll ever see but she cleverly disguises all the dangling tubes with dignity and style (we like to call it her plastic spaghetti) She's had to endure years of physical hardship battling with her breathing and she's faced terrible health scares, cruelly my mum has never smoked. A few weeks ago mum discovered a nasty lump which unfortunately is a malignant tumor, the family is shattered. Radiotherapy begins soon but given mums fragile physical state we are braced for some rocky weeks ahead. Brave mum has a very philosophical outlook on life, she counts every day as a blessing and cherishes time with family and friends! Wise words indeed. 

I am so thrilled that we organized the above family portraits given the fragile nature of mums health. It was no mean feat to get the entire family together for the photo shoot and having to entertain bored kids and grumpy babies was a challenge but well worth the effort. The first image above was organized as a surprise in 2007 for mums 70th birthday and the other full family portrait was organized late last year to include the two youngest grandkids, Ada's sitting on mums lap. Precious memories indeed. The images were taken by amazing Melbourne photographer Rob Gale (unfortunately no website). The family is very grateful towards Rob for capturing such a magical moment. Rob is a true gentleman, he stayed cool, calm and collected throughout the entire chaotic event as the Seidel/Moore/Mckinney/Stamer clan dominated and rearranged his studio. As daggy as it may appear, we love our family portrait, I adore my family and I love my mum.

Happy mothers day to all the mums of the world,  may every other day be just as special x o x


Betty Jo said...

Happy and strength giving blessings to you and your fabulous Mum xx
p.s. I love the plait pulling pic.!

Madeleine Stamer said...

Straight back at you lovely Liz. I know you've had your fair share of similar health concerns with your mum, I hope she is traveling well. The plait pulling pic is may fav, I remember Ada giving it a good yank at the time so I'm glad there is proof of it. Enjoy today with your lovelies. x o x

Emma Phillips said...

what a gorgeous entry Mads - thanks for sharing it with us. adore the family portraits - just perfect. you are such a talented and beautiful person Mads so I sure your Mum must be a legend. Hope you have a well earned gorgeous day with your Mum. xx Em Phillips