26 May 2010

Gigantic Skeletons Rule!

Caring for two sick kids doesn't leave you with much spare time to do anything, particularly when you're physically and mentally drained. As any parent knows it's the absolute pits when kids are poorly, you'd do anything to make them chipper again. Big plus that they are both on the mend thanks to plenty of good old fashioned TLC and making rest nests on the couch, strategically placed in front of the t.v. Thought I'd share with you an amazing and inspiring drawing created by a small group of my Prep art students (5 year olds!) The mural is massive! They're learning about the human body and the skeletal system. You gotta love a good skeleton.  

p.s Mum's braving the cruel side effects of radiotherapy, albeit very ginger and pooped. She's a super trooper. 


Kate said...

I wish your mum superduper hero trooper strength. To say radiotherapy is a tough gig is an understatement, I wish her well.
And the kiddies to get over the snots quickly


Natalie said...

How Cool!!