21 February 2010


Our new storage bed
Hello Prints! you now live in here and wont get damaged by curious little fingers.
                                  I want a TS1, badly.
I dream of a larger work space, I really do. At the moment my 'studio' takes up half our bedroom. On the same table Karl and I share the mac, needless to say it gets squishy. In the next room Ada blissfully snores away in a gargantuan room big enough for 20 babies and it used to be my studio. I am happy to compromise if it means two kids sleeping through the night and bonus sleeps throughout the day. But I'm still allowed to dream of a BIG, fat studio, particularly one with louvre window like the adorable TS1, my hero's Wayne Hope and Robyn Butler have one too. I'm saving my pocket pennies for one. I've also got the perfect spot in the backyard, right under the giant weed tree. I'm working on convincing Karl but I know his thinking, "why buy one when you can make it yourself for SO much le$$". I don't care either way, I just want one! In the interim we compromised and bought a funky storage bed. It is AMAZING and definitely solves most of our storage problems! It arrived a few weeks ago and just for laughs we hid in it and surprised the kids. Should have seen their faces!!!


Mama Cass said...

You guys are funny I wondered who was getting the new bed when I saw the delivery van a few weeks ago. What a great idea. Oh and I love that Louvred studio I am sure Karl can whip you up one in the backyard once he has renovated this flat!!!

Kate said...

That is hilarious! Did they figure out where you were? Or did you have to jump out and surprise them?

When kids come along, we are going to need more room - but haven't figured out how yet. This is a beautiful idea!!

Madeleine Stamer said...

Ha, ha, ha I'm gonna call you Mama Cass for now on!
Maybe your mum should have bought you a TS1 instead and we could have stuck it on the balcony for the babies room! It's amazing what cherry pickers can do!

Kate, we frightened them rather than surprised them but they've since forgiven us... We got our lift-up bed when it was on sale. I highly recommend getting one. As the salesman said "a normal double bed uses the same amount space as a double cupboard which shamefully goes unused".

Pleiades Girl said...

I can really imagine a TS1 in your back garden!

nikolina100 said...

that under bed storage is AWESOME!!
It may be tiny for you, but your workspace is lovely to see :D