23 February 2010

Frankie Rules

Great to see The Age acknowledging Frankie Magazine as a force to be reckoned with. I ♡ Frankie, everything about is good, it even smells nice! They've always been super supportive and enthusiastic towards my work. Unlike some media outlets they're not afraid to push the boundaries and celebrate established artists alongside emerging artists, crafters and designers. Their blog is also a visual treat and worth a daily visit. 

Check out the stats!

Magazine Circulation figures to December 2009
Frankie 38,343 +31.6%
Harper's Bazaar 55,130 +15.6%
Vogue Australia 54,000 +7.5%
RUSSH 24,905 +7.1%
Shop Til You Drop 83,047 +5.3%
InStyle 61,084 +0.03%
Madison 90,116 -0.2%
Marie Claire 112,682 -3.3%
Cleo 128,183 -3.7%
Notebook 68,573 -5.7%
Cosmopolitan 152,028 -8.2%
Courtesy of The Age 

Yay Frankie!

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