10 January 2010

HAPPY 2010!

Pics taken at the Ian Potter Children's Garden, Melbourne.
Happy 2010! I've had a small break and now struggling to get back into the swing of routine. We had a lovely Christmas and NY, all very family orientated with a focus on food and present exchange. Ada celebrated her 1st birthday two days after Christmas, I dread saying that our precious little chippie is no longer a 'baby' and is officially a toddler. We enjoyed another simple afternoon tea in the backyard with the new trampoline (courtesy of Santa) at the centre of attention. At one stage, there were about 15 kids (variously aged between 1 and 15) laying about on the trampoline, staring up at the clouds and having a good giggle fest.

During the break Karl and I took Wilhelmina and Ada to the Royal Botanic Gardens. We made a bee line for the Ian Potter Children's Garden which is a gorgeous enclosed oasis situated near the Observatory Cafe. I love visiting the gardens for a multitude of obvious reasons also because it is free and stimulating for the kids. The running brook was a hit with Wilhelmina. After our romp in the garden we walked about 30 metres to the Observatory Cafe for a bite of lunch and reminisced about our wedding day. Karl and I had our wedding reception at the Observatory Cafe back in 2003. I love the fact that most of the dishes served at the cafe include fresh veggies and herbs grown in the prettiest veggie patch I've ever seen, it's located directly behind the cafe.

It's going to be another busy year. Lots of illustration, new prints, special projects and return to teaching art three days a week after 14 months maternity leave. Gulp! I don't like the idea of not being at home with my little gals, but I wont bore anyone with my 'going-back-to-work-blues'. I gotta stop sulking!


Anonymous said...

Maddi, I am feeling inspired. I have been exploring your pages and what a treasure trove of wonderful pictures, ideas, links and thoughts. You are a clever and talented girl! Alice x

Madeleine Stamer said...

Thanks Alice, so sweet of you to say x