31 January 2010

Bird Cluster Mobiles

'warm brights'
'cool blues'

Just thought I'd share with you all... I've just added my 'bird cluster mobiles' to my online store. 
I initially designed the mobiles with the intention for them to be passed on through infancy into adulthood. A nice little memento which hopefully wont date! If you click on this link or that link you'll find all the nitty gritty specs but if you require more info please do not hesitate to drop me a line :o)

Check it out! My birdy mobiles featured on Design*Sponge yesterday!
Big thanks Grace! x o x


Elie's Papel said...

Those birds are so cool! they have a Scandinavian feeling...

Anonymous said...

Its funny, I saw one of your mobiles, god knows how long ago and loved them...but did not have a clue who's they were!
I think I need to get one. Go you on Design Spomge!
Um, also just to mention that I have linked to you a couple of times in my posts - just to clarify...I am not stalking!!
I passed on the info for Flinders street station and had to link to your fav sketchy santas...so funny!
Michele x

art4friends said...

just saw your gorgeous home on the design files blog and I am IN LOVE!!!!

gosh, you are an amazing artist and have a beautiful home! swoon!

Renee x