06 February 2010

Risographica Opening Night

Risographica Openign Night
Baby Comet & Big Fish
Wilhelmina and I braved the hot and sticky heat and headed off over to Lamington Drive to the Risographica opening night celebrations. Great crowd, awesome art, cheap as chips prices. The punters where literally lining up around the corner waiting to make their purchases. I've placed a stack of pics on flickr, enjoy!

During the week I had the awesomeness pleasure of meeting one of my local idols... The lovely Ms Design Files herself, Lucy Feagins!!! Lucy popped over to the Southside to take some pics of our home to feature next week on her blog, we are so excited, can't wait to see how the house scrubs up online...

Lucy would have to be one of the most loveliest ladies around, majestically tall, so pretty, funny, super cute and great to gas bag with! Minnie and I are officially smitten with her! As Lucy was leaving we both noticed that my copy of InsideOut had arrived in the post, of course Lucy was too modest to tell me that she is featured throughout the issue, which I later found out and squealed with excitement! She is just too cool! Check out a bit more of this talented girl and her styling magic here and here.

P.S During the week I noticed our hardy outside goldfish have been busy making babies!!! I was SO excited when i saw the little small fries swimming around, we now have approx 6 baby comets. This is a first in 14 years. I hope they live to grow old and scaly.


Lucy said...

OH MADELEINE i feel so bad I did not see this before now! Thankyou so much for your super sweet words! And for letting me photograph your home.. and for being so lovely to me... and for chocolate cake!!

Very excited to post this tomorrow... just tweaking it now!

Lucy xxxx

Betty Jo said...

I just dribbled into my earl grey looking at your home on Design Files. Because it's so droolworthy, but really homey, lived in and loved.

Kate said...

Great photos Madeleine, wish I could have been there!
Loved your house on Designfiles too.

ryanjames said...

If you happened to notice a tall boy, with tall hair at the opening - HI! haha.

I had a friend who had a couple of pieces in the show. Loved it. Did you purchase a print? I'll be heading down again Saturday to buy one I've decided I shouldn't have left without the other night. But you're right, the line for purchases was crazy!