02 July 2009

Pretty Parcels

off to queensland
off to the U.K
Wilhelmina's 'thank you' cards
The girls and I have been very creative the last few days. I've been busy packaging prints off to exotic locations while Wilhelmina gets crafty making some thank you cards (with some collaboration from Mum) I love blinging up envelopes but the entire packaging process can take up to 40 minutes! I'm not talking about the decorative bit, its preparing the envelope, then sandwiching it between heavy duty cardboard, binding it with tape, wrapping it in brown paper, binding it with tape again, addressing it, filling out registered post forms... Anyway, two down one more to go!

By the way, don't give your toddler stickers and leave them with defenceless babies whilst attending to something else for a few minutes... I came back into the room with Ada covered in re-usable labels! Poor little girl just sat there happily sucking her fingers and licking the label that partially covered her mouth. Funny at the time...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful packaging and what a sweet baby!
:o) Jude

Betty Jo said...

I'd almost want to hug my postie if he delivered these!(we are on good terms as he's let me try out his motorized bike)
Your cute labeled baby almost remindes me of an episode of the Simpsons...when Bart posts Lisa!
Oh, and thanks for the linky love
x Liz

Little Birdsville said...

You are too kind Ms Liz!
And I'm a little jealous that you've had a whiz around on a postie-mobile, super kewl!