10 July 2009

Iggy & Lou Lou

I should have posted this earlier but it has been a busy week...
My dear friend Irene Grishin-Selzer, the mastermind behind Melbourne's cult label Iggy & Lou Lou is presenting a yummy new collection of her fine wares at the fabulous Alice Euphemia (sorry to all her interstate and O.S fans) Opening night was last night (apologies again for posting so late) but the show runs until Sunday 26 July so there is plenty of time to jump in your car or take the plane to Melbourne CBD and go on a lovely shopping spree (what a dreamy idea)

I was lucky to share a studio with adorable Irene when I was doing my Masters. We both took to each other like ducks to water! Not only that but our male counterparts hit it off also. Both boys love Elvis and old mini's (classic little car), I think Mr P owns about 10 and my Mr K had to sell his a few years ago but we're destined to own another. We used the cars for our wedding convoy back in 2003, I'll have to scan some pics and post later. Pretty funny! Here's to you Irenie and your beautiful ceramic jewels, you are a clever gal indeed!

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