Melbourne artist Madeleine Stamer prefers using traditional old school brush and ink and letting loose on large scale paper more often than not in the late hours of the night. She produces small runs of limited edition prints and art pieces under the guise of Little Circus Design. Little Birdsville is a weekly irregular update of recent happenings, inspiration and the odd family happy snap. Madeleine and her brood live close by but at a safe distance from the sunny sands of St Kilda beach, Melbourne Australia. She is a land lover who has a respectful admiration yet slight fear of the ocean. She is a proud mother of daughters Wilhelmina and Ada and loving partner to Karl. Madeleine is a daydreamer and an avid bird watcher who's inspired by lifes simple daily pleasures. You will often find her staring at birds from her window or attempting to draw them...

She is a proud member of The Jacky Winter Group an illustration agency that represents Australian contemporary artists and illustrators.