10 September 2012

reno update #3

I think this is my 3rd reno update, quite honestly I've lost track and feel a little numb. I have been totally sucked up in the whole energy sucking, endless spiralling renovation vortex. Don't get me wrong, each stage of the reno is terribly exciting but the process is so LOOOONG winded. Poor Karl has taken on half of the labor and fiddly time consuming crappy jobs to cut down costs which leaves me with the kids who are getting slightly bored of the single parenting and snappy mood changes. It doesn't help that I've had a double attack of a mystery virus teamed up with bronchitis without any chance of laying low and recovering in bed. Testing times I tell you. On top of all of this we have welcomed a new beast into the Stamer fold. Actually 'Tino' has been a bit of a blessing in disguise. Wilhelmina had been busting to get a dog and Karl and I were considering welcoming a pooch into the family once the reno was over. Well Tino happened to be up for adoption so out of the goodness of our hearts and because we're a sucker for big headed dogs we helped a friend in need. She's been a timely distraction and a bonus playmate for the girls plus we were easily fooled by her good looks and placid nature.  Unfortunately last week she did a runner. I needed that like a whole in the head. We've been experiencing gale force winds in Melbourne of late and just our luck one fowl gust blew our lane fence flat to the ground taking Tino with it. She was found on the run by a sympathetic dog catcher who was a little taken by her big brown sulky eyes. Fence now fixed, Tino is back safe and sound. We anticipate moving to our new house in the next month or so but there is still a load of work to do. The kitchen is almost complete, the back of the house is almost painted and the new deck is about to take shape. I ordered a batch of rainbow coloured handles from Chocolate Creative for the kitchen and bathroom cupboards (not visible in the photo above) hopefully it will add a splash of colour in our almost completely white interior. I feel good about my minimal input. More pics to come. 

p.s I'm really, really, really super dooper sorry for the lack of updates.

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