12 July 2012

renovation update #2

Our renovation is well on its way. The house currently resembles a bomb site. It's nasty, dusty and down right disturbing. Thankfully progress is taking place which requires long hours and endless dedication. The expenses are starting to add up considerably, ouch, ouch and then some! The kitchen has been ordered (inspiration here), the bathroom is almost decided upon (more inspiration), tiling pending, lighting is being selected, bi-folds and window replacements ordered, plasterboard awaiting, re-wiring almost done, plumbing under control, ducted heating laid, floor boards waiting to be polished, bedroom wardrobes waiting for a quote, laundry and toilet doors need replacing, entire house waiting to be painted, rubbish removal pending, shed needing removal, landscaping needed, roller door needed and new fence. Oh, did I mention we are doing most of this ourselves?! Exciting and exhausting wrapped up in complete madness. Throughout the blood (poor karl), sweat (poor karl again) and tears (me) I'm completely motivated by the prospect of having a new kitchen and a few new nice things for the house. The kitchen's getting a most awesome workbench from Nook and we will finally have a wall mounted t.v (I won that battle!) Yes I know, I think we're the only people in the universe that currently own a heavy old box style t.v. The technical upgrade is a grand celebration in itself!

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