25 June 2012

renovation #1

images via the very excellent Fine Little Day
We have been busy planning nice things and renovating our new/old home! Mr Karl and I bought our little Edwardian gem about 7 years ago. We've rented it out all these years to help pay it off but the time has come to finally move in, well, in a couple of months after we get it up to scratch... I was reluctant to move at first. I love living in our little rundown/semi restored universe, it's been 17 years of combined happy and bumpy times but all good things must come to an end. We've been very lucky to rent our 120 year old Victorian apartment which is family owned but the old girl needs new blood, fresh faces and some TLC. I was truly sad when Karl first mentioned the move. This place holds good memories, our babies took their first steps here, sniff! So we are in reno mode, dirty, dusty, manky, reno mode. At the moment the kitchen and bathroom space is a dust bowl full of rubble and there's walls crumbling down and new spaces being created. It's exciting times folks. To date we've had to rewire the entire house, bye bye $4,000 we didn't see that one coming. The upside is that we can continue to live here until the reno is complete. Along the way I promise to post progress picks and dream inspiration (don't get the two confused!) you see we are on a tight budget and of course we have Champagne ideas, beer money. I've indulged a little thus far and bought the 2 prints above from Fine Little Day. I drool over Elizabeth Dunker's work so I'm thrilled that a little slice of Sweden will make the move with us too. 

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