15 April 2012


We have been on holidays the last two weeks. We didn't go anywhere in particular, in fact we spent most days in the backyard sunning it up, somehow controlled the washing backlog, rolled in the grass, spent time with the guinea pigs and gave the cubby house a good work out. As a result, the kids have been chilled, less stressed, minimal tantrums (have not missed the daily rushing to school madness) I've even been able to squeeze in new drawings and stayed on top of freelance work plus we've gorged ourselves silly on easter treats (pimples to prove it) God forbid I've even had a few sleep ins. We've focused on little daily trips to the market, parks, art sessions with fabulous Dawn, visiting family and catching up with friends. Simple, fun, happy, thoroughly restful times. More things to look forward to... wearing my Happy Socks (beautifully hand modelled by Ada), buying Prince Tickets (!!!!), getting a range of tea towels made, choosing a new bathroom and kitchen for the big move (a few months away) AND my girly grown up weekend away with my pal Cookie in Sydney next month. Shivers, too much excitement.
Hope you and your loved ones had a happy and safe easter break too. xo

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