19 March 2012

dawn tan

love Dawns step by step painting process, she's the documentation queen!
I'm a sucker for Dawn Tan. Her joyous and light hearted food images soften the heart and brighten your soul. Her art can turn a crappy day into something really special. I've had the privilege of getting to know Dawn through creative circles and I'm fortunate to have exhibited along side of Dawn I'm also very lucky to know her as a friend. Last year Dawn did an artist residency stint at the school I work at part time, the students adored her and they responded so positively to her awesome teaching abilities, I secretly wish she could join our art team, maybe one day... Recently we did an art swap, I'll admit I got the better deal but I'm working on repaying my artist friend with something special. Mum turned 75 last February and I wanted to surprise her with something out of this world! Dawn kindly agreed to paint a custom recipe, it's my mum's three berry torte that the whole family literally devours in seconds flat. Dawn, she's one committed lady artist, she poured her heart and soul into mums recipe painting and she blew me away when she revealed it to me for the first time! Mum's spesh recipe has been immortalised with Dawn's explosive watercolour and whimsical detail, it exudes Dawn's energy and passion. We received the painting back from the framer the other week and enthusiastically presented it to mum, in the kitchen of course! Mum was flabbergasted and dare I say it, a tad bit emotional. Now three of my favourite things have teamed up and become a super power force: My mum, Dawn's art and the most scrumptious 3 berry torte recipe all under one roof. Good things come in three. Pop over to Dawn's online store and check out her goodies, she regularly has special offers or lovely limited art pieces to drool over. Pamper yourself and buy a special something or make someones day and treat them with something special. Happiness guaranteed x 3!

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