21 November 2011

fun stuff

This week I'm taking the Stamer posse to Lamington Drive for the release of The Design Files 2012 Calendar! I am very, very fortunate to be involved once again thanks to Lucy Feagins and the cool guys at Jacky Winter. Each artist was asked to represent their Collective Clutter of personal treasures. I had a field day drawing bits and bobs from our garden shed/s. I seriously didn't want to stop adding things and stuff to my drawing. Our shed/s are full of dusty old crappers that you can't fit in your house and you don't have the heart to toss out which reminds me of one of my favourite shows. I tried my darndest to fit a smorgasbord of stuff in my drawing. A little birdy told me that my crazy little drawing features in November.  I'm champing at the bit to see the rest of the artists work, some of my favourite arty ladies and gents feature in this years calendar such as Dawn Tan, Beci Orpin, Marcela Restrepo, Kat Macleod and plenty more more more! Please join us if you are in the hood.

The Design Files 2012 Calendar Launch and exhibition
Lamington Drive (buy online here too!)Thursday Nov 24th 2011, 6.00pm – 9.00pm
15 – 25 Keele st

Everywhere I turn I'm reminded that Christmas is not far off. I love this time of the year although I dread hot, hot Summer days. My daughters are obsessed with collecting seed packets at the moment and are keen to make use of Melbourne's 4 seasons in one day to turn our garden into more of an unruly jungle. Our local nursery man gave the girls heaps of out of date seed packets, they couldn't believe their luck. I know what I'm putting in their Chrissy stockings this year. My little yellow brush buddy is making me smile, I picked him up for a bargain at FatWe have bigger versions around the house for kids shoes, bath toys etc. You've gotta keep a smile on yo dial. Warmer weather means pretty up your toes and fingers time. I caught Ada doing her nails by herself the other day, this is the after shot, after I had to remove nail polish from almost the entire length of her little digits and the floorboards. Yes, that's her above in the angel disguise. 

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