17 October 2011

Resource Rescue Inc

The other week I ventured out to Resource Rescue in the outer east suburbs of Melbourne. It was an exhausting solo adventure but well worth the trek. It's 4 times bigger than Reverse Art truck and as expected, stock piled with a smorgasbord of incredible treasures. If you're planning on buying in bulk or pooling together with a group then membership is a really smart investment and seriously good value for money. Peter and Gary were extremely helpful and happy to lend a hand which is often a rare find in retail nowadays. Their facebook page is well manicured with fresh product updates daily, some of the unexpected stock they get their hands on is amazing, perfect pieces to stash away in your studio for a special project or two.  Lucky for me the school that I teach at (my other job!) has a perfect space in the basement that we're transforming into our own mini recycling centre, a little hub for the staff and students to access all kinds of cool stuff for projects, learning experiences and for the creation of new art works. We have an ace collection of timber off cuts, fabric scraps, plastic bits and bobs, foam, cardboard and heaps of new stuff everyday. We've established a great little system with the parents who regularly drop off pre loved donations and recycled wares. We're doing our bit for the environment and hopefully reducing the impact of waste and encouraging the kids to think creatively (they obviously don't need too much prompting!) Their inventiveness is magical and contagious. xo 

Resource Rescue Inc
7/31 Hosie Street Bayswater

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