03 October 2011

October rain plus a sprinkling of rays

I'm officially on holidays at the moment. One of the pluses of teaching part time means I get school holidays a plenty. But believe me the term takes its toll and adds muchos wrinkles and sporadic grey hairs but on to a much more exciting topic. Last week Melbourne experienced its heaviest downpour for more than 50 years. Just our luck when we planned for a backyard party to celebrate Wilhelmina's 5th birthday. I had been watching the rain radar all week like a besotted hawk. The fact is, we have an enormous backyard perfect for running amok in as mentioned in a previous post but our interior is a bit on the squishy side, definitely not ideal for a mass onslaught of 20 or so five years olds plus family, plus friends plus a few special extras... Well, luckily for us the sun lords smiled down upon us come Sunday and the party went off with a bang! As most of you would know preparing for a any sort of entertaining particularly with young kids can reduce a few vital years off your life span but luckily this year (I wont mention my disastrous 2010 daylight savings birthday slip up) we had the help of my big sis' Sally and my two awesome nieces Lucy and Alice. What a difference a few extra hands make and big ups to my bro-in-law 'dude', he took care of most of the after party mop up. Mr Karl and I invited a special fairy who kept the troopers entertained and even the guinea pigs made an appearance. All in all we had a rad time and the party gained two thumbs up from Wilhelmina who wasn't too fussed when we couldn't light the birthday candles, even Ada seemed pretty pleased so much so that she conked out on the couch for a few hours in a happy daze from extreme partymania. Unfortunately the party Grinch is taking a stand next year, we will now enter the 'every second year' party cycle (or every third if I can get away with it). With 'le party' now out of the way we can now relax and enjoy a house full of flowers and every room smells real good for a change and cleverly masks nasty lingering nappy odour (sorry Ada bub, but it's true!) Thank you to everyone who helped celebrate Wilhelmina's birthday!

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