04 August 2011


Emily Green and lovely sister
I've been dreadfully bad not making more of an effort here in blogland, alas real life have taken priority.
All is good and I've been extremely busy. July has come and gone, so has birthday number 39. The month was chock a block full preparing for the pop up shop and other little surprises. I promise to do a proper detailed account of July in the next week (better late than never I guess) Onto fun stuff, the long awaited pop up shop officially opened today, runs tomorrow (thursday) and closes Saturday. We are located directly across the way from Buttonmania (button heaven!!!!!) and ever so slightly down the hall from l'uccelle (phenomenally amazing!!!!!!!) Superlatives aside, I'm urging to PLEASE drop into see me and the girls (the coolest girl crew if ever there was) and to make it even more tempting I'm taking 15% off all my stock in the pop up shop tomorrow and Saturday! Yay for discount time!!!

I have a pocket full of thanks to all our supporters and bloggers out there who have helped spread the good word also check out Lucy's words of the day over at The Design Files and while you're at it take a looksy at The Design Files guest blogger of the week, none other than pop up neighbour Liz Jones of Betty Jo Designs fame xo p.s lucky me has been working closely with clever cutie Dawn Tan over the last few weeks, check out the fun times on Dawn's blog then visit the pop up show and visit her for realz! More on that when I recap July, coming soon, promise!

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