21 March 2011

Until Never

A week and a bit ago I did the mother/daughter thing and ventured into the city with my four year old daughter Wilhelmina. It was one of those days when everything fell perfectly into place. We scored a choice car spot in Flinders Lane which made me very happy because I don't like paying for car parking. The icing on the cake was the close to perfect weather with bonus radiant blue skies. We first dropped off a fresh batch of cards to Craft Victoria and checked out Martha McDonald's stunning The Weeping Dress made predominantly of crepe paper, we were gobsmacked! We meandered down graffiti encrusted lanes, hand in hand, eventually making our way to the Husmann/Tschaeni exhibition at Until Never. My excitement had been mounting over the weeks to see the show but with so much happening in preparation for my own show I honestly didn't think I was going to get a chance to see it. After some whining from Wilhelmina and having to lug her part of the way we finally made our way to the gallery. We encountered the Citylights X Husmann/Tschaeni lightbox images in Hosier Lane which blew my mind! For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about check out The Citylights site for an explanation but in a nutshell Citylights is a permanent setup of 12 illuminated wall mounted lightboxes installed in Hosier Lane which incorporate new exhibitions every 10 weeks, it's open to the public 24 hours. We arrived just in time to have a chat with the lovely Until Never crew when my wildest dreams came true as Pascale Mira Tschaeni walked into the gallery. When we were introduced I became immediately awestruck by her captivating presence plus I couldn't stop staring at her beautiful Rittenhouse skirt unfortunately I was completely distracted having to keep one constant vigilant eye on Wilhelmina who treacherously roamed the space wanting to stake claim over one of the installations and make it her 'cubby house'. I thank all my lucky stars for experiencing an awesome, magical and slightly frenetic moment that I'll treasure forever. The show ends this coming weekend, I do urge you to go see the show because it will fill you to the brim with happy feelings and dreamy thoughts plus endless inspiration guaranteed. The work is magical I swear!

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