13 December 2010

Etsy Bender!

Dresden Plate quilts for the girls beds
I admit it, I used to be quite the anti-etsy. Way back when Etsy started I remember a lot of crappy craft, gumnut and lace type stuff, basically it was a real choir to sift through the rubbish. Recently though, upon a chance visit I was pleasantly surprised to see the quality of work and usability improvements. As you may have noticed on the side I have a mini etsy shop, I kind of feel part of the gang now! If you have no idea about what I'm talking about basically etsy is an ecommerce site focussing on handmade, custom made and vintage products, if you want a locals inside perspective read Lucy Feagins etsy feature from June last year. Anyway, to cut a long story short I've been on a bit of an etsy bender and recently bought 3 amazingly beautiful vintage Dresden plate quilts, they must be full of history (and full of dust, n2s straight to the dry cleaners when they arrive) One for Wilhelmina's bed, one for Ada's bed and one for the mama and the papa! Being so old and delicate I dread the stitching coming apart. New rules may include no jumping, rolling, diving or plunging on the beds. Check out some of my other top picks, SO much temptation particularly with the strong Aussie dollar, but hey, it's Christmas and it's easier than battling the crowds and lack of car spaces. I like easy peasy.

Etsy, you've changed, for the better...

For a full listing check out ALL my favourites here, so much goodness.

Stop by my mini etsy shop too!

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