21 December 2010

Celebrating Leila

Leila's custom made Teepee's
I have a special mystery friend, a super clever and witty gal pal. One weird thing though, we haven't actually met in the real but Ms Leila a.k.a Skinny and I have a special connection. We started a ping pong conversation early this year and have hit it off ever since. Leila makes me giggle with her wordy and highly entertaining emails. You see, Leila hand makes Teepee's, yep, totally unique, numbered limited edition TEE PEEEEEES!!! She makes them from recycled yacht sailcloth and other salvaged bits and bobs, imagine sewing together all that fabric?! I would become completely engulfed and lost for months. Skinny also happens to be Greg Hattons loyal and hard working assistant/right hand gal. Can you imagine the fun adventures they must get up to in Butterland?! Lucy Feagins visited Leila's cosy apartment during the year and shared lovely pics on The Design Files, def worth a looksy. Leila recently emailed me beautiful images of her trip to England (her Motherland) plus an extra happy snap of her two extra cute Burmese pussy cats (she knows I want one) I couldn't stop giggling when she wrote to me about the crazy apple shaking machine that made all the orchard apples tumble down in a nanosecond. Cool invention. Her pics are stunning so I asked if I could share them with you and she kindly agreed. Is she the COOLEST or what!? p.s if you want to know more about Leila's totally ace teepee's email her here. xo

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