01 May 2010


A few weeks ago Karl, the kids and I drove up to Castlemaine for a family day adventure. Both Wilhelmina and Ada fell asleep as soon as we drove into the town after nearly 1.5 hours car bound with constant talking, baby babble, trying to escape from seats, wriggling whining, mood swings etc, etc. We were car bound for another 40 mins desperate to let them recharge their batteries to ensure a pleasant day ahead. Once they started to stir we made a bee line to The Restorers Barn which was the highlight of the trip, unfortunately it has changed somewhat since we were last there (pre baby years) it still has its rustic nic-nac charm, crazy lantern chandeliers and other oddities but it now seems to stock a whole lot of reproduction products instead of the old eclectic mixed treasures that it used to have. Anyhoo it's always worth a look if you're up that way, the kids certainly loved the classy yank tank bench seat! Across the road we had a decent fill of comfort food, the atmosphere was great and the staff were reasonably friendly towards the kids (sorry didn't take note of the name, possibly 'Saff's' right next to the Empyre Hotel) A little disappointing that the rest of the town was rather sleepy and most of the shops seemed to be closed by 2.30pm in the afternoon, amazing architecture though. On the way home on the Calder freeway just past Kyneton I noticed a property that contained a multitude (I'm talking hundreds) of old school portables, got me thinking that these would make an awesome sustainable studio solution, so I did a bit of googling and found the following link. If anyone knows someone who was considering building a studio, why not have one relocated and converted onto your site!? We're seriously considering doing it at home.

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S Lucas said...

Oh, I totally want an old classroom. I found one for about 7 thousand on Grays online, it had heating cooling running water everything one could ask for. Unfortunately you can at least double the price to have them relocated to your home so I will continue to work in the Garage.
Additionally I read about that place with all the old portables and apparently there was a push for the government to buy them as inexpensive housing solutions. I haven’t heard any further.