15 March 2010

New Arrivals

Bird Cluster mobile, timber sample
Vintage resin door knobs
We enjoyed a relatively quiet week compared to the mishaps from the previous one (dangerous close encounters and prickly theft). Thank you kindly for everyone's good vibes and moral support. We've been celebrating the safe arrival of friends babies. Yay to our old neighbor Cassie for popping out 'little-big' bubba Adelita Evangeline (if I remember correctly she weighed just under 10 lbs, no pain killers?!) I thought my two girls were hefty at 8.1 lbs each and for the record no pain killers either, Ouch!
Way to go Mama Cass and Jimmy, a little bella sister for D.D! Also a big belated congrats to our dear pals Irene and Petie for the arrival of gorgeous baby Rueben (a special new addition to the iggy & loulou clan). We met Rueben the other week and I contracted the clucky bug but fear not, I must restrain myself from thinking about adding another baby to the Stamer fold! In other news I excitedly received a sample from the lasercutters for one of my Bird Cluster mobiles in timber finish. They look awesome (and smell nice too) Hopefully production will go ahead soon, watch this space! Lastly I scored 4 cute vintage resin door knobs with artificial roses imbedded, kinda tacky but in a good way. They've found a new home on our bedroom wardrobe, so girly (poor Karl). What is it about wardrobes???


nikolina100 said...

the mobiles are beautiful!!

Kate said...

Your mobiles are divine Mads [but you already know that!] - but I am besotted with the knobs!

Mama Cass said...

Yes those knobs and the gorgeous wallpaper were my favourite parts of our bedroom glad you have kept them. Thanks for the congrats on your blog Mads I feel all special. Yes and she is a little-big bubba. Youch! If you are at all interested I have written my birth story on my blog and there are some photos too. It is pretty long though! Hope you guys are well, we miss you.