26 October 2009

Sydney Pics & Facebook

We've all been under the weather since we arrived home from Sydney and poor baby Ada copped it the worst. Poor little bean has been really unwell. Antibiotics, rest and plenty of TLC is helping get her back on track.
I've been finding very limited time to complete work for the show at Lab X but I'm relieved to say I'm almost there. We, the 'three of a kind' girls set up our facebook page, oh man I vowed never to do such a thing, I find it all very distracting and utterly alluring at the same time! Come visit us, we love friendly company!

O.k lastly, I've just completed a massive job of editing our Sydney pics and uploaded them to flickr. Go check it out! ENJOY.

1 comment:

Masterofword said...

I like the second picture! it really shows the culture! very colourful!